Sunday, July 5, 2009

First-ever handspun sweater!

What began as mere green and pink roving has become a sweater! My first handspun sweater is a success! I started the design process as a quest to come out with the perfect cardigan-- I wanted something that didn't require a whole lot of seaming, no zippers or buttons, and something that would allow me to showcase the beauty of my handspun yarn. The result was knitting across, and then adding stitches for the front. I made a hole so that I could tie the sweater in back, having a double-breasted effect. One of the other benefits of the ties, is that I can tie both of the fronts in back to have just my back covered.
I used traditional raglan sleeves, as these would give me the shape I so desired. I didn't cast off when I decreased for these; instead I placed the stitches on a yarn holder so that I could later pick them up to make a hood. After completing the sleeves, I attached these to the body of the sweater and combined the stitches to make for a hood. The hood adds to the line of the garment. I'm a big fan of hoods, as they allow you to not have to wear a hat.
I am very pleased with this project. The colors are beautiful, and the design is exactly what I wanted.

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