Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review: banana silk yarn

A little bit about Banana silk: Banana silk comes from the shedded bark of the banana tree, which is processed by women in Nepal, then spun into yarn. This gives the women a business with sustainable income, and the banana silk itself is a sustainable, renewable resource.
I purchased this yarn to make a scarf to go with a bright green raincoat. I read some reviews on the site that weren't very favorable, but decided to try it out for myself.
After working with this yarn, I discovered it is wonderful. You want to be sure to use fairly large needles, as it is a handspun yarn and prone to being thick and thin. There do tend to be some rough parts, as it is a processed cellulose fiber.
Overall, it is truly a beautiful yarn, great for beginners and knitters who want to use sustainable products.

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