Monday, June 22, 2009

The Llama and the Wheelbarrow: stories from the knitting circle

There are many reasons to work at a yarn store. Discounted yarn brings lots of people; for others its the prospect of working the business side of things; others want to teach and help others, but I did so for the stories. For a young person, there's nothing more entertaining than a bunch of women sitting around trading stories. The following was told to me by "Dr. Stitch", a knitter and spinning extraordinare who had a knack for telling outlandish, real-life stories.
"We had a llama who fell head-over-heels for a wheelbarrow we accidentally left in its yard. The llama would cuddle with the wheelbarrow, try and copulate with the wheelbarrow. At one point we tried to remove the wheelbarrow from the llama's pen, but it fought us off and refused to let the wheelbarrow out of its sight. We thought the llama was just lonely, so we bought a second llama and they ended up fighting over this wheelbarrow. We got rid of the second llama, and to this day the original llama is still in love with this wheelbarrow.'


  1. Very funny. Can't wait for future stories.

  2. Knitting circles are so much fun, probably the best places for story time.