Saturday, June 27, 2009

Knitting on the bus

As much as I love kipping, it does get excessive when people just want to know what you're doing. I've had people ask whether I was doing cross-stitch before when I clearly had a pair of bamboo needles in my hand and was working with bulky yarn; other times people just want me to make a sweater for them or finish an Afghan that a great aunt or grandma never got the chance to finish.
What I'm trying to get at here, is the fact that it never seems to occur to people that this is my quiet time: I'm knitting because I need to think, to meditate, to draw on conclusions to the questions that life brings me. Knitting is a release, more than anything.
Yarn spans the roads of my life-- I would knit in the car on road trips with my dad, on airplanes to different cities, it is woven into my spiritual life like thick wheft. So, naturally, my purse does not leave the house without at least 100 yars of something and 2 needles in it. However, I find it awkward when turning out a 3-foot piece which any Joe 6-pack can tell is a scarf, and then people ask me what I'm making. I never understood this.
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