Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to do Mosaic knitting

Mosaic knitting first intimidated me, but once I got the hang of it I found it to be really enjoyable. Its a nice way of doing colorswatch in that it keeps your tension fairly normal, and it adds shape and elasticity to knitted garments. Mosaic knitting is always done using two colors at any given time, which you can vary as you please. Here is a basic how- to for mosaic ribbing. Note that there are many mosaic knitting patterns out there, most of them using charts, but to get your feet wet you might want to try this.
1. Figure out which is going to be Color A and which is going to be Color B.
2. Knit with Color A first for 2 rows even
3. Attach Color B and knit the first stitch, then slip one, then knit the third stitch, then slip the next one and knit the fifth stitch, and so on and so forth. Do this for 2 rows. If you want a Stockinette Stitch, you will need to purl on the wrong side, but slip all slipped stitches as knit stitches with the yarn in front (to avoid twisting).
4. Pick up Color A and knit the even stitches, slipping the ones you knit with Color B. On the wrong side, continue as for step 3.

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