Saturday, June 27, 2009

How knitting can change the world

While doing community outreach for a nonprofit organization, I ran into someone passing out cards with an equation for finding the carbon footprint for the things you can buy on it. Basically, they compiled it down to a few numbers and you did an equation to figure out how much habitat you would save by not purchasing something.
It then occurred to me just how much energy I was saving by making the scarves and sweaters and potholders, better yet, how much energy I was saving by using a spinning wheel to make the yarn.
This is just one example of how knitting can change the way things are going for our environment but, more importantly, knitting brings many different people together from all different walks of life. Knitting circles are an integral part of any community, as they are where people from many different backgrounds are drawn together and share stories, ideas and thoughts. It is said that in the nuclear age, dialogue is one of the most important contributors to peace and prosperity.
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